The art of shredding

Close up photograph of shredded paper.

Today I are been mostly … shredding confidential papers…

So now, this is the art
To shred… its only emotion.
Pantera, from the song The Art of Shredding

…and clearing out my filing cabinet.

As I was feeding sheet after sheet into the shredder — it’s the Fellowes OD700C model, thanks for asking. Yeah that’s right, the cross-cut version; that’s what the ‘C’ stands for in the model number. Yeah, yeah I think it’s more secure that way too — I wondered why I had bothering printing all of this out and storing it in my filing cabinet. Most of these papers I still have in electronic format.

I should learn from this. Not all papers sent to me need to be printed out, and for meetings I’m sure most of these could simply have been transferred to my Psion PDA.