We’ve finally moved in!

Photograph of our new bedroom.  A kingsize bed sits beneath two paintings.
At last! Our bedroom is now habitable. New duvet cover from Ikea, in case you were wondering. Artwork by Sarah Carrington.

Tonight will be our first night in the new house. Since Tuesday evening we’ve been sleeping next door in our holiday cottage, while during the day we’ve been setting up the house. We felt that it was much kinder on ourselves and on the cats.

This evening, having unpacked a bit more, dealt with a mountain of boxes, and having hung a few paintings — including the two that you can see above our bed, which are by top Scottish artist, and good friend of Jane, Sarah Carrington — we went over to the cottage, collected my bag, the cats, and the digital TV receiver. What more do you need in life?!

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of best wishes for our moving in. Well, we’re feeling them now. Now that we have moved in! Finally.

Doing things in the right order

A built-in wardrobe filled with boxes and packaging.
A wardrobe built-in to the eaves in the room that is now my study, packed full with boxes, cartons and packaging.

If there is one thing that I enjoy doing, and that I think I’m good at doing, then it’s organising. I love thinking through problems and trying to find the easiest, most efficient solution. What needs doing? What needs doing first? What tasks are dependent on x, y or z. It’s a skill that I clearly inherited from my Dad, whose day job was involved in various aspects of capital and systems planning within a large printed-circuit-board manufacturing company in Selkirk.

Setting up a new house is a strange, but enjoyable task — most of the time, when you’re not trying to break your toes kicking boxes in frustration! It became clear almost as soon as the removals men arrived that the only way to fit the bookcases into my study would be to sit them in front of the built-in wardrobe cupboards.

It didn’t take too long after that to realise that this significant, but now redundant, space could be used to house the empty cartons, boxes and polystyrene packaging used for protecting the TV, monitors, PC, microwave oven, etc. while moving. (I’m a believer in keeping the original packaging where at all possible.) I was quite pleased with that revelation.

So at the moment I’m trying to find as many empty boxes as I can to pack into that cupboard before I roll a stone in front of it (played today by a six shelf bookcase from Argos) and then unpack my books.

I’m not looking forward to carrying 15 boxes of books up three flights of stairs, however.

New views

Before I head next door for a bath and bed, I thought that you might like to see a couple of views from our new house’s bedroom.

A view of the sea and roof tops.

This is looking out of the bedroom (Velux) window out towards the Forth. You can’t see the sea very clearly on that photograph, but on a clear day — like today — it looks gorgeous, with the blue sky coming down to meet the sea.

View of red roofed outhouses and pretty gardens.

This is looking out of the same window, but up Toft Terrace. I get similar views from my study window. If I stand up. I do that quite a lot, luckily.

… and relax!

View out of an upper window of a Crown removals lorry driving away.

Especially for Ric here is a photograph of the Crown Removals lorry driving away from 54 Drum Brae Park en route for Cellardyke.

I won’t rant (yet) about the damages incurred, the cutlery left behind in a drawer in Edinburgh, or the fact that despite our numerous telephone conversations warning the removals firm that they wouldn’t get down the street … they couldn’t get down the street! I’ve leave that for tomorrow. Once I’ve written a strongly worded letter to the company.


Today’s task was to get the BT Broadband connection up and running. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say that having spent about four hours puzzling over it, having installed a new network card as it was clear that I couldn’t connect to any device connected to my Ethernet port, and on numerous occasions switching-it-off-and-switching-it-back-on-again it worked only after:

  1. a telephone conversation with computers wizard Mike Arthur revealed that …
  2. for some reason the Windows DHCP Client service wasn’t running!

Once the DHCP Client service was running it connected immediately. Typical!

Anyhow it’s running now. Even if I do still have a sore foot. (In frustration I kicked a box. Only to discover that this was a box still filled with books. Big, heavy computer books. Ouch!)

Back to Edinburgh

Jane starts back at work tomorrow. In Edinburgh. So this evening she drives back, staying overnight with her parents, so that she can easily make her 08:00 start at the office. This is going to be a frequent pattern.

We’ve not even stayed one night in the new house (we’ve camped out at Kadesh, our holiday cottage next door, for the last few nights while we sort this place out) and Jane has to return to Edinburgh. Bah! A night alone. With the cats, who are happily exploring our garden next door.

I’ll post some more photos soon. In the meantime, there are more boxes to bring upstairs.