Cellardyke today

View of Cellardyke harbour, looking towards the slipway.
How Skinfast Harbour in Cellardyke normally looks.

This time yesterday nobody even knew where Cellardyke was!

“So, where are you moving to?” people would ask me.
“Cellardyke,” I would reply.
“Cellardyke, it’s next to Anstruther on the East Neuk of Fife coast
“… near St Andrews?”
“Oh, right!”

Now everybody and their duck knows where Cellardyke is, thanks to the breaking news about the dead swan in the Skinfast Harbour. (It was confirmed earlier today that it did indeed die of the deadly H5N1 virus.)

The View from the Potting Shed‘s own intrepid reporter was out on the scene this morning, as the media circus came to town, and provided these three photographs for our readers.

View of Cellardyke harbour, looking towards the slipway, with a TV van in the way.
“Mork calling Orson, come in Orson…”

View of Cellardyke harbour, looking towards the slipway which is awash with reporters.
Journalists and reporters gather on the Skinfast Harbour slipway.

TV reporters on the slipway at Cellardyke.
It’s usually hard enough to get parked around there at the best of times! Oh, yeah, and more reporters and TV journalists.

Now don’t say that View from the Potting Shed doesn’t do its best to serve its readers with the latest current affairs! (Photos and permission to publish them kindly granted by IM.)

In other news…

In other news, I signed up with BT today for a decent telephone (BT Together Option 2 The evening and weekend plan) and broadband (BT Broadband Option 4 Power surfing) package for our new home in Cellardyke.

So, that’s the important things dealt with: removals firm, somewhere to live, broadband. The rest are mere details.

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3 thoughts on “Cellardyke today”

  1. Glad to see View from the Potting Shed has its finger on the pulse. Do you think that’s the first time the name Cellardyke has ever been uttered on the BBC News at Ten?

  2. it is utterly crazy the media frenzy that is happening.

    saw ITN* last night… they really do not help the situation.

    • other news channels are available and are a good deal better!
  3. BT: Ideal for heavy users and serious gamers …

    It’s a bit offensive to call you a heavy user isn’t it? You are a big guy Gareth, but …

    Serious gamer – an oxymoron?

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