Making up for lost time


Not made much time to blog these last couple of days: sorry. We appear to have lost an hour, too!

On Sunday Jane and I travelled down to Selkirk to spend Mothering Sunday with my Mum. A lovely lasagne, and then extended sleep for all of us during the afternoon. Jane was rudely woken on the sofa by Mum’s dog, Elijah, licking her in the face. Yuck! We spent the rest of the afternoon playing Cat-opoly, a Monopoly-clone game where you buy … cats!

Today (Monday) I’ve had my head down and been plugging away at more Scottish Episcopal Church liturgies for the SEC Website. Today’s one document has so far taken about 12 hours, and I’m still not finished with it.

Tomorrow is a maze of meetings. Team Meeting at 08:00. Then Pickfords are coming to evaluate the house for removals at 11:00. After which I hot-foot it eastwards towards the General Synod Office for a meeting of the Information and Communications Board at 11:30 (or nearest offer!).

There is much to do before we move! Much to do.