Hoth bid for Winter Olympics 2014

Screenshot of the Hoth Olympics website

You can’t get away from sport at the moment. No sooner have the recent Winter Olympics ended than the Commonwealth Games begins. And then the 2006 FIFA World Cup will start. Sometime. This year. Probably.

It looks like Hoth — most famous for being featured in Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is trying to get in on the action with its online bid to host the Winter Olympics XXII in 2014. New events on Hoth may include:

  • Two-man snowspeeder race
  • Bi-hoth-lon (a taxing Taunton race followed by shooting)
  • Skeleton (avoiding dismemberment by a Wampa)

And good luck to them. They certainly have the climate.

Make Windows 3.x look like Windows XP

Screenshot of Kalmira 4.0, an application that makes Windows 3.0 look like Windows XP

This is great! As this month’s PC Plus and Personal Computer World magazines examine the forthcoming Windows Vista (which is now to be postponed for a public release until the first quarter of 2007) there are still people developing software for good ol’ Windows 3.x.

Calmira XP 4.0 is an application that replaces the graphic user-interface (GUI) in the 16-bit Windows 3.x family of operating systems (such as Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11) and replaces it with one that looks and feels remarkably like the 32-bit Windows XP operating system GUI. Version 4.0 also has support for long filenames, something that’s not built into Windows 3.x.

I’m now having second thoughts about getting rid of my old Dell Optiplex 486 DX2 50MHz; it’s still running Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Ever seen a 486 WfWg machine on 10 meg broadband?