Halted by progress of science

Screenshot of the Glaucoma website

A few online friends have pointed me to this over the last couple of weeks, and for good reason. For equally good reason is it listed on the Web Pages That Suck website.

I am of course referring to the Association of International Glaucoma Societies website at www.globalaigs.org.

It’s not just the design. Or the colours. Or the inappropriate use of frames. Or the Terry Gilliam-esque dancing heads in the top left corner. I mean, those are terrible. But the “hymn to glaucoma” is just … something else! Here are the lyrics:

Glaucoma Hymn
Glaucoma, Glaucoma, Glaucoma
Constricting vision slowly
Halted by progress of science
Vision of a world united
Beyond all science knowing

but you really must visit the site to hear it for yourself. And you can download the Glaucoma Hymn.

But the scariest thing is in the left-hand framed menu. Scroll to the bottom and there is an eye, staring at you. And if you watch for long enough … it … slowly … blinks. Arrrrggghh!! That is horrible!

Whose vision was that website?! It truly is both a terrible website experience, and a web classic all rolled into one blurred mess.

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  1. I visited that website a while ago looking for information and eventually had to give up. The design is terrible, especially for those who have sight problems. Ironic really.

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