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It’s been a long day. I’m back in Edinburgh now, having driven back up after seen Mum this afternoon (sometime between 13:00 and 14:00). She wasn’t having a very comfortable day, having been sick a number of times and her right hand and arm still having ‘pins and needles‘. The doctors decided to keep her in, which was clearly the right decision.

I said that I was driving back to Edinburgh today, but would return tomorrow after my commitments. Mum said not to worry. But then she also said that she would be attending a pastoral meeting on Thursday, so she clearly wasn’t thinking straight! I’ll go down anyway.

We took her a bottle of Coke, to help settle her stomach. Seemingly Coca Cola was originally sold as a medicine, and about the only time I ever drink it is if I’ve got a really dodgy stomach. It was the only thing that Mum could drink when she was desperately ill in India, without being sick. So Jenni and I took her a bottle today. I think it did the trick because I got a text this evening saying that Mum would definitely be getting out tomorrow.

(I’ll blog soon about this evening’s visit with a lovely American Joinee and her Mum, and my sister and my visit to the new Scrap Store in Selkirk — a great place.)

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  1. I’ll always remember the name of the inventor of Coca Cola – he shares his name with one of my best friends: John Pemberton!

    I got a really high value question right on Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire because I knew that. Sadly, I wasn’t actually on the show, just watching it on telly.

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