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ECG Heart beat line ... thingy

Mum’s op was supposed to be at 09:00 this morning. I telephoned at 11:00 thinking that I’d given her enough time to get into theatre, have the op, get back to the ward and come round from the anaesthetic.

She hadn’t been in yet! “But she’s just about to go in,” said the nurse who answered the phone. I asked how long the operation would take. “To be honest,” said the nurse, “I’ve no idea what she’s having done.” Hmm… well that filled me with confidence.

I was advised to phone back at 14:00. I phoned back at 14:00 on the dot.

She hadn’t been in yet! “But she’s just about to go in,” said the nurse who answered the phone. (Where do I feel that I’ve heard that before?) “But feel free to phone back anytime,” I was invited.

I’ll get back to sorting out the files on Mum’s PC then. She had nearly 400 files in her My Documents folder, most with obscure, abbreviated filenames, like “ETYAR.SAM” and “JUNBFNS.SAM”. If only Windows XP supported long filenames! But I know what will happen now: Mum won’t be able to find anything because they will all be in logically labelled, hierarchically arranged folders!

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  1. It was one of the things I’d forgotten to teach Mum. Having been using an Amstrad PCW, a Commodore Amiga 1500 and then Windows for Workgroups 3.11 for years she was used to making up interesting 8.3 filenames. Long file names (LFN) are one of those things that I’ve taken for granted for years.

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