Mum’s operation was a success*


This evening Jenni (my sister), Benjamin (her son) and I drove in to the Borders General Hospital to visit Mum for an hour, after her operation. She eventually got in to theatre sometime around 14:30.

The operation it appears was a success* (*as far as we can tell.). Mum was quite sick coming out of the anaesthetic, but have settled down a bit by the time that we arrived. She was looking tired, and sore, and fragile.

It’s not nice seeing your Mum looking so fragile. As children your Mum is invincible, omniscient and other words derived from Latin.

I just pray that Mum really does take the time out that she needs to rest. Mum does a million and one things for other people, every day. I pray that this will be God’s wee gift to her over the next two months: to s-l-o-o-o-w down. A pretty drastic way of enforcing it, mind!

Anyhow, I spoke with her nurse this evening and they are hoping that Mum will be well enough to get home tomorrow. So I’m staying on in Selkirk overnight, and if she is then I’ll collect her and bring her back. And if not … then I’ll cross that cliché when I get to it.

Driving home I realised what was wrong with the sky. It’s bugged me since I arrived yesterday. As I was walking down the road last night I kept thinking to myself: something’s not right, what is it? Well I worked it out: the night sky is black here; it doesn’t have that constant city orange glow. The sky looks black, even looking up at it from beneath the bright lights of the Market Square. That’s brilliant … and dark, all at once.

More prayers, please, love saints of the Internet for Mum (Rosalie).

Update (possibly) on Mum

ECG Heart beat line ... thingy

Mum’s op was supposed to be at 09:00 this morning. I telephoned at 11:00 thinking that I’d given her enough time to get into theatre, have the op, get back to the ward and come round from the anaesthetic.

She hadn’t been in yet! “But she’s just about to go in,” said the nurse who answered the phone. I asked how long the operation would take. “To be honest,” said the nurse, “I’ve no idea what she’s having done.” Hmm… well that filled me with confidence.

I was advised to phone back at 14:00. I phoned back at 14:00 on the dot.

She hadn’t been in yet! “But she’s just about to go in,” said the nurse who answered the phone. (Where do I feel that I’ve heard that before?) “But feel free to phone back anytime,” I was invited.

I’ll get back to sorting out the files on Mum’s PC then. She had nearly 400 files in her My Documents folder, most with obscure, abbreviated filenames, like “ETYAR.SAM” and “JUNBFNS.SAM”. If only Windows XP supported long filenames! But I know what will happen now: Mum won’t be able to find anything because they will all be in logically labelled, hierarchically arranged folders!