Mum’s in hospital for an operation


I’m in Selkirk now. I drove down after lunch, as Mum was going into the Borders General Hospital (BGH) at 4:00 pm. She’s in for an operation on her shoulder tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. She tore, I think, a tendon in her shoulder about 12- 15 months ago, and has been living in agony ever since, without a single, solid night’s sleep in that time. So I drove her to the BGH, got her settled into her ward and then returned home for a sleep.

This evening we (my sister Jenni and her son Benjamin came down to the house for tea) watched HellBoy on DVD. Not exactly essential (or indeed recommended) Lenten viewing, but entertaining none-the-less.

Now off to bed for (hopefully) more than the three hours sleep I got last night. I spent much of the night coughing. Coughing and trying to work out how to update my ATi graphics card drivers. Took me about two hours on that one — it was a problem with uninstalling the old ATi drivers and applications (of course!), by which time my cough had been controlled. I climbed the stairs to our (colder) bedroom in the attic only for the coughing to start again. Bah!

I’m now stocked up with cough mixtures, lozenges and good ol’ paracetamol. And a couple of good books (no fiction there though, sorry).

I’ll check on Mum (her name is Rosalie) at the hospital tomorrow morning and report back. But some prayers for her would be gratefully received, thank you dear Saints of the Internet.