Gargling gravel

Yeah, I know it’s not gravel, it’s pebbles. I was in a hurry.

Today has been a very productive day. Up early, got a lot done — even took the recycling down to our local Tesco before 09:00, but nobody would buy it so I just dropped it off at the recycling centre there. I got loads of letters written, and made two trips to the post box. Cleaned the kitchen. Twice. And took a Eucharist at 18:30 at St Ninian’s.

So it’s with some degree of regret that I have to say that I’m now feeling dreadful. My voice sounds as though I’ve been gargling gravel in Hell. Off to bed now with a handful of pills and vitamins, at 21:56 on a Friday evening.

Check me out with my rock ‘n roll lifestyle!