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Today I telephoned round three different removals firms. Two that St Andrews had recommended (Pickfords Corporate and Crown Worldwide) and one that we had used for our move from Inverness in 2003 (White and Company). White and Co. were immediately able to arrange a visit to assess what needs moving; they are coming next Thursday, thanks for asking. Pickfords and Crown will get back to me.

For the first time in my working life I am moving to a job where my employer-to-be is offering to pay removals expenses. We’ve been asked to obtain three quotations, and St Andrews will pay for the cheapest. (Thank you.)

The first time we moved, from Edinburgh to Inverness in 1999, I hired a van and Jane and I moved all our worldly belongings (a rocking chair, four bookcases, a bed, six guitars, and lots of boxes of books and music) up the A9 ourselves, before returning to Edinburgh to get married.

Moving from Inverness back to Edinburgh three years ago we employed White and Co. to move us. They were excellent, which is why we’ve asked them for a quotation again. I packed, they moved, Jane was in Edinburgh for a week beforehand painting and carpetting the house — ably assisted by friends and family — like our lives depended on it. We’d accumulated a lot more by then: a sofa and chair, another bed, a desk and filing cabinet, and a whole lot more. Certainly more music and books, and probably a few more computers, too!

And now, here we are again, poised to move north and east to Fife, to Cellardyke. Probably with a lot more stuff.

Where do we begin? I’m off to make a list…

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8 thoughts on “Choosing a removals firm”

  1. Try Leuchars removals. You get a 10% staff discount if you are a member of St Andrews University staff!!

  2. I also heard Leuchars is a good removals compnay, they are very responsible and will do everything properly. I had expirience with that company and I was satisfied with their services.

  3. I think you can use White and Co. services again. You’ve already have experience with them and maybe they can give some discount as for a permanent customer. I usually call them when i move to a new place

  4. Thanks Storage, we’ll bear that in mind. However, we moved house eight months ago and we actually did it ourselves that time … with a willing team of friends and family. It was great fun, if the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done. Ever.

    We were very impressed with White and Co. (that was the Inverness to Edinburgh move) — at least they didn’t break furniture like the company we eventually went with to move us from Edinburgh to Cellardyke.

    We’re now happily settled in sunny Anstruther, and don’t plan to move again for some years to come.

  5. Hi Gareth JM
    I have used the services of a new firm that is Removalmadeeasy they have good abilities to manage work and giving good and reasonable rates to their customer. I find it awesome. I hope they will make your removal stress free.

  6. I think this is the one of difficult task when you think of moving to choose a good removal that can purely lead your work to the end with there professional move.

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