You say potato…

A turnip, a haggis and a swede
From left to right: A turnip, a haggis and a swede.

This week Jane and I ordered our Tesco groceries online and had them delivered to the door on Sunday afternoon.

Something that we eat quite regularly, being good Scots, is the traditional Scottish meal of haggis, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes). So imagine our surprise when our turnip arrived and it was half the size of the haggis (see above).

It turns out what we’ve been eating all these years is actually haggis, swede and tatties. I found the following on the World Wide Electric InterWeb:

There is often confusion about the differences between the turnip and the Swede. The Swede ‘Brassica napobrassiac‘ is from Sweden (unsurprisingly) and was introduced to the UK as the Swedish turnip and the name later became shortened to Swede.

To add to the confusion the Swede ‘is often known as a turnip or neep in Scotland and the turnip goes by the same name. Indeed the word turnip comes from the Scottish word neep. The Americans however call the Swede a rutabaga, which comes from the Swedish word — rotabagge. However in some parts of the States the Rutabaga is called the yellow turnip and the turnip is known as the white turnip.

I hope that’s made everything much clearer now, for everybody.

Stitched up

This was an old rubber tyre that someone had taken a knife to ... looked like some rubber Frankenstein!

I didn’t take my diary to the GP practice on Monday night, which was foolish. After my minor op, the doctor asked me to make an appointment with the practice nurse (although I’d rather be seen by the real nurse) in seven days time to have my stitches removed.

I’ve just checked the piece of paper the receptionist gave me, only to discover that she’s made an appointment on Monday 20 March — fourteen days after my operation. Grrr… that’s another thing added to my to do list.

I’m still feeling quite run down today, and two eucharists (09:30 and 11:00) and a Lent study group (14:30 – 16:00) didn’t aid my lack of energy. I’m off for a sleep now.