Weebl and Bob visit their local PC store

Screenshot of Weebl and Bob in Pissy Werld
Screenshot of this week’s Weebl and Bob animation — Weebl and Bob go to buy a new computer.

During last week’s Weebl and Bob animation Weebl’s Gypsy Bath Shelf (whatever that is!) collapsed completely destroying Bob’s PC. This week Weebl and Bob visit Pissy Werld (sic), their local computer store, to buy a new one.

Sadly, aspects of this parody are strangely familiar. Which reminds me, I really must go and find out how many RAMs my computer has, and if it has any Graphics.

What is IE doing to my blog?!

Screenshot of the header of this blog viewed in Internet Explorer - showing that something is wrong.

Last night I noticed that Internet Explorer (IE6/Win) is doing something weird to the header of my blog. The white and cream background image is also appearing above the header, which while not disasterous is rather annoying.

I very rarely ever use Internet Explorer these days, only for sites that won’t accept any other browser, such as a particular sections of the Microsoft website. My browsers of choice for the last 18 – 24 months have been Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

It will be interesting to see what Internet Explorer 7 finally turns out like. I’ve downloaded and installed the Beta 2 Preview, and to be honest haven’t been overly impressed with the design or feel of it. Or the way that it renders documents, but as I understand it there is still some way to go before the code is finally completed. The IE Blog is an interesting read, watching the progress.

Anyway, we currently have to live with Internet Explorer’s weirdness, so I’d better put my CSS debugging hat on and find out why IE is doing weird things to my blog.