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Owen name print from Katiepie dot co dot uk
Name print for Owen by Katiepie Designs.

Have you seen the AOL /discuss adverts on TV? There are two — you can watch them online too or read the scripts — asking “Is the internet a good thing?” or “Is the internet a bad thing?”.

It’s a genius piece of advertising. We’ve all probably had both good and bad experiences of using the Internet. Here’s one of my good experiences:

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Helen Barnett who runs Katiepie Designs. Helen emailed me, having found the information on my website about PDF creation software, to ask for my recommendations about a suitable application to convert an advert to PDF for print; seemingly the magazines that she wanted to advertise in required submissions in PDF format. (PDF is clearly the way forward!)

As a thank-you for my help, and having been reading my blog, Helen offered to make me a name print for my nephew, Owen. Which she did, posted it and I picked it up from the Royal Mail sorting office on Thursday morning.

As you can see from the photograph above Helen has made a wonderful job of the handmade name print. It has:

  • O for Octopus
  • W for Whale
  • E for Elephant
  • N for lizard newt

And at the bottom it reads:

Owen Thomas Saunders, born 14th January 2006, weight 8lbs 5oz

in the most beautiful handwriting. (I hope those details are correct!)

Anyway, what a lovely, lovely person. If you have any newly-born nephews, nieces, sons or daughters, then visit Katiepie Designs now and buy one. In fact, they are so lovely if you have a name why not buy one for yourself!

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