Corsair USB drives … how much!?

Close-up of Corsair USB drive
Close up of the Corsair Flash Voyager USB 2.0 drive.

A few months ago in a round-up review in PC Plus magazine the Corsair Flash Voyager drives came out on top, as robust, reliable and very, very fast. I popped down to my local web browser and picked up a couple of 512 MB models from One for me, one for Jane.

Here’s what Corsair say about their own drives:

Corsair Flash Voyager USB drives are rugged, stylish, compact, reliable, and exceptionally fast, making them ideal for transporting MP3s, digital images, presentations and more. With data transfer rates up to 19Mb/sec, Flash Voyager drives are fully Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compliant, and are backward compatible with USB 1.1. They support Plug and Play with most operating systems. Their durable rubber casing is easy to grip and water resistant. These highly portable drives are available in capacities ranging up to 2GB.

The only problem is that I’ve now discovered that 512 MB is too small; I’ve run out of space, because I like to carry around on it a basic collection of essentials and software tools: Firefox, IrfanView, Adobe Reader, etc.

So, I’ve been looking at getting a larger Corsair USB drive. The 2 GB model looks nice, and on Amazon UK is priced reasonably at £64.99 … that is until you add it to your Amazon Wish List:

Screenshot of Corsair USB drive on Amazon UK wish list

How much does it say?! £851.06!!? Shurely shome mishtake!

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2 thoughts on “Corsair USB drives … how much!?”

  1. Er … no! But thanks for the suggestion.

    I would like an iPod too — but not to use as a pseudo USB drive. I’m old-fashioned like that. I like electricity from the electricity company, gas from the gas company, and USB drives as USB drives. Just like my grandpa had. Apart from the USB drives bit.

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