Stay on target…!


This morning was spent doing churchy business type things, like team meeting, going over the 1929 Mattins service with one of my colleagues in preparation for Sunday, and showing a family around the church building.

This afternoon was spent working on my presentation for tomorrow’s interview in St Andrews, and trying to fight off a tummy bug I seem to have picked up. It appears to be more than simple nerves. A couple of Imodium and a good night’s sleep should help too.

This evening we were over in Glasgow seeing David McCarthy, for a good catch-up natter and a pray about our futures. Despite still having some bits and pieces to round off on the presentation it felt right to go over and pray. Prayer is good sometimes, or so I’ve found!

We’re now back in Edinburgh and have my friend Peter staying, down for a few days from Aberdeen (via a lecture on the archaeology of football stadia, in Dundee).

Tomorrow: up early, final touches to the presentation and off to St Andrews in my lovely black suit and no dog collar.