Happy Birthday Dad!

Gareth and Keith Saunders

Today would have been my Dad’s sixty-first birthday.

The photo shows me standing beneath my tree in our garden in Selkirk. The three of us (me, Jenni and Eddie) each had our own trees in the garden; that one was mine. That photo must have been taken around 1991, judging by the dodgy haircut, black polo neck jumper, giant (darkened) glasses and white basketball trainers. What on earth was I thinking?!

Anyway, it was one of the few good photographs that I have of Dad and me; and shows just how much taller I was than him! I still wish that he was with us — sixty-one wouldn’t have been that old; fifty-two certainly wasn’t.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!”

  1. The hair … that was always a problem I had with the barbers that I would see. Actually, the main problem was that my ‘barber’ was a ‘hair dresser’!

    I wasn’t good at describing what I wanted and often ended up getting the opposite. That’s how I ended up with a mullet in 1989-1990.

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