What a State!

Animation showing George W Bush with world leaders

JibJab’s animated and musical version of George W. Bush’s “Year-End Round-Up” (Flash required).

Here’s hopin’ the year 2-0-6,
Brings a few more brighter days.

The site also has a link to Engrish which is rather amusing. I especially like the odd computer error messages. But then I would, wouldn’t I.

Also, I own this Echo Mic (also see this image) It is just genius, whatever it all means!

Pa Pap,
Ma Ma,
I and Lady
to play
with it

What can that possibly mean?! On another side of the box it reads:

The exercise of sing songs,
The Toast Master in the party,
Ha! Ha! Ha! The Drama sepeech
On the stage as real
As possible.

Wise words. That’s had me laughing since my friend Ian Rankine (not that one!) bought me it as a present while I was sharing a flat with him in St Andrews, in the early 90s.

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