Opera Mini™ — the brower on my mobile phone

Opera mini

What is the name of the actor who played Arthur Fowler in the popular BBC soap opera Eastenders? Before you click the link the answer is Bill Treacher.

I was round at Eddie and Rebecca (and Owen’s) this evening with Jane — we had haggis, neeps and tatties, thanks for asking — and while watching Eastenders someone asked “What was the name of the actor who played Arthur Fowler?”

In the olden days (about a week ago — technology dates quickly in these parts) I would have paid a pound to send a text to Any Question Answered (63336), and then had to wait 15 minutes to receive the answer.

Not these days. Oh, no! Thanks to the ever resourceful James Frost (who has started blogging again, which is great news) I learned that Opera have a version for Java-enabled mobile telephones, called Opera Mini™ which allows me to access the full Web on my mobile phone.

It was so easy to download and install too. I simply pointed my phone’s WAP browser to http://mini.opera.com/, instructed it to download and then install the application (which is tiny, at around 100 KB) and within a couple of minutes I had a highly usable, and quite intuitive web browser on my phone.

With it I can read people’s blogs, I can check and send email via the ever excellent Gmail (if anyone wants a Gmail account, just ask), and I can search Google whenever I need to know things like: what is the name of the actor who played Arthur Fowler in the popular BBC soap opera Eastenders?

(For tips on how to use Gmail with Opera Mini™ see James’s blog.)

Anyone fancy porting Firefox to my Nokia, now?

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