Digg and SkimCSS

Arm of a JCB digger.
“Can you dig it?”

A couple of sites that I’ve found both really useful and interesting, and that help keep me up-to-date with the latest goings on in the world of both general technology and specifically CSS, are Digg and SkimCSS.

They both work in a similar way: people submit short articles to the sites, along with a link to another story or resource that they’ve found useful or interesting, and visitors to the site vote on how much they like that submission. With SkimCSS you give it a vote out of 5; with Digg if you dig the story (man!) then you “digg it”! The more votes a submission has the higher it scores and you get an idea of how popular it is, and therefore (hopefully) how useful you may find it.


I’ve subscribed to the RSS feeds from both Digg and SkimCSS, and also added them to my @ Daily bookmarks folder for quick reference from within Firefox.