It’s a small world!

The earth from space.
“Our landlord Earth” from the 3D True Gallery.

A few minutes ago I checked my email. Not a very remarkable thing to do on a Wednesday evening, I check my email quite often. However, this evening I got this email in my Outlook Inbox:

On Sunday I googled “Psion 3c” for tips on how to fix my recently half-unhinged 9 year-old 3c and I discovered your splendid site. Edinburgh, I thought; I’m going to be there tomorrow for a 2 day flying family visit … I’d drop in to say hello, but it is not as if you perform miracles on old Psions in your spare time.

Then today as my sister was about to drop me off in Murrayfield Avenue to catch the Airport bus for the journey back South … “that’s the blogging episcopalian! Gareth whatsisname, coming out of the church!” By the time we had stopped, you or your double (do episcopalian priests all look the same?) had vanished.

easyJet waits for no man, so we continued to the bus stop. But I decided I’d write a note (a) to thank you for your most entertaining site and (b) to be nosy and ask you where you were at a quarter to twelve today!

all the best

Well, I can safely say that was me. I presided at the 11:00 am Eucharist at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Murrayfield Avenue, stayed around to chat with someone after the service — well, I say “someone” it was actually the only person who turned up for the service! — and then returned to my car which was parked up the hill on Murrayfield Avenue, outside number 34 if you’re interested, at about 11:45 am.

That’s a shame we didn’t meet up, but really cool that Q.H. emailed and told me. And here was me thinking that I wasn’t famous!