WordPress 2.0.1 is out now

WordPress logo

Those fine people at WordPress have done it again. The latest version of the popular blogging / Content Management System software is out now: WordPress 2.0.1, and not only have they fixed 114 bugs, but they’ve also been listening to the user feedback about WP 2.0, which went live one month ago.

One of my major gripes about version 2.0 was the way that it handled uploading images (you can read about it here). It seemed limited in that you couldn’t specify to which directory on your server to upload. This has now been fixed in 2.0.1, along with a few other “WYSIWYG fixes and clean-ups”.

I’ve yet to upload it to my server and check it out, but this could be the version to which I finally upgrade this blog, and with which I manage my main website.

How cold?!

Car dashboard reading minus 7 degrees Celsius

How cold was it today?! -7° Celsius, that’s how cold it was first thing this morning! That’s a photo (above) of the temperature readout on the Vauxhall Astra just before I headed off for an 8 o’clock team meeting today.

Last night, driving back from the Soulfly gig, through the freezing fog — where at one point I could hardly see the front of the car the fog was so thick — the temperature dropped to -8.5° C.

The lowest I’ve experienced it in the last few years was -15° C driving through Aviemore on our way south on the A9 from Inverness. Now that was definitely cold.

The great thing about this cold spell is that when we arrived back from Eddie and Rebecca’s this evening it was 1.5° C and it felt positively warm!