How I made this website better with a Big Red Fez

Gareth wearing a fez -- a red, felt hat -- doing a magic trick with cards.
Seemingly, just by wearing that red fez I’ve instantly made my website better!

So, how did I end up with a photograph of me wearing a fez in a post that references the title of a book by an internet marketing expert? Simple. Follow me.

This evening I was reading Steve Lawson’s blog. Steve linked to the website of fellow bassist Jeff Schmidt. Clicking the images on his site lead me to the ChangeThis website and an article entitled “How To Be Creative”.

Interested to learn about ChangeThis I followed the Help link to the FAQ page. Where I learned that

the original idea behind ChangeThis came from Seth Godin.

So I clicked the link and visited Seth Godin’s website, and discovered that he has written a number of books.

Book cover for The Big Red Fez

The book title that caught my attention was the one right at the bottom, called The Big Red Fez: How To Make Any Web Site Better.

Which I thought was interesting on two accounts:

  1. I am quite passionate about making Web sites better.
  2. I own a red fez, thanks to my good friend (and Joinee) Tony Hodges presenting it to me after an event during the Edinburgh Festival a couple of years ago.

So, without actually reading the book I reckon that just by posting a photograph — taken by the ever talented Mr James Frost — of me in a Big Red Fez on my Website I’ve instantly made it better!

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Gareth Saunders

I’m Gareth J M Saunders, 52 years old, 6′ 4″, father of 3 boys (including twins). Enneagram type FOUR and introvert (INFP), I am a non-stipendiary priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church, I sing with the NYCGB alumni choir, play guitar, play mahjong, write, draw and laugh… Former Scrum master at Safeguard Global, Sky and Vision/Cegedim. Former web architect and agile project manager at the University of St Andrews and previously warden at Agnes Blackadder Hall.

5 thoughts on “How I made this website better with a Big Red Fez”

  1. That’s really odd Gareth, I was just thinking about the 8 of hearts and something told me to check your blog… coincidence?

  2. It’s a word from the Lord!

    When I was a child I spoke like a child, I thought like a child … but that’s not important just now. I also had a pack of trick playing cards in which every second card was the eight of hearts.

    But it wasn’t that pack of cards, hmm… coincidence?

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