Happy Birthday Mozart

Mozart t-shirt
Mozart t-shirt — in the style of the Metallica logo — from Glarkware.

Happy 250th birthday to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the original rock god!

I found this superb Metallica-style t-shirt at Glarkware, with the following blurb:

As far as we can tell from the historical record, the eighteenth century was sort of a fallow period as far as concert-related merchandising was concerned. Which is a pity — it would be cool now to go to a museum and see “Bononcini” and “Handel” embroidered on, like, hose and waistcoats, or maybe “Haydn Is My Homeboy” printed on a tricorne hat.

But just because that opportunity wasn’t exploited by our musical forebears, it doesn’t mean we can’t retroactively correct their oversights. Thus, Glarkware gives Mozart the kind of props he’d get if he had been rocking us in 1979 instead of 1779. (Mozart lighter not included.

Rock me Amadeus!

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