I saw a fox once!

Close-up of bike wheel

This getting healthy lark is coming along nicely. That’s two days in a row now that I’ve cycled into town to meet up with Jane after work and cycle home with her.

I’m finding that I’m now beginning to get into the way of eating healthily and regularly. I’m still following the guidelines in the Men’s Health book The Testosterone Advantage Plan and even within the last two weeks I’ve got more energy, I feel stronger, and I’m not snacking between meals on chocolates, biscuits or jammy sandwiches; which is great!

Yesterday, while cycling up through the back streets of Corstorphine we encountered a fox. Just like this one:

Illustration of a fox
“I saw a fox once!” (Illustration from goodness knows where. It’s been in my clipart collection for years.)

It was standing on the pavement, having just walked through someone’s garden gate — not actually through it, like a ghost would, you understand — and was standing watching at us. We stopped the bicycles and watched it right back! Politics aside foxes are quite beautiful creatures.

We didn’t see the fox today.

p.s. Kelvin, today’s title was specially for you.