PsiWin synchronization problem solved

Psion PsiWin synchronization screen

Ah! the irony! So many people email me about their problems with PsiWin, the connection and synchronization software for the Psion range of handheld computers, it was about time that I had problems too!

My problem: for some reason during the last synchronization PsiWin copied all my contacts twice, so that I had two entries for everyone. Easy, I thought, just delete the Contacts.cdb which can be found in C:\System\Data\Contacts.cdb and re-synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. PsiWin will simply create a new Contacts.cdb file, problem solved.

It wasn’t as easy as that — of course! — but I have learned something: when I resynchronized I suspect that PsiWin kept a record of what had previously been synchronized and so it did nothing, thinking that everything was up-to-date. The way to sync from scratch was to delete my PsiWin sync profile (that’s the one highlighted on the screenshot above) and create a new one. Once I’d done that everything worked as it should and I now have a healthy address book containing 548 contacts, rather than over 1,000!

Every day’s a school day!

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