Backups day

Today is backups day when my My Documents, Graphics and Install partitions get backed up to DVD+R.

Do you need to back anything up? It doesn’t need to take long, just set it to backup to CD or DVD while you’re doing something else. And you don’t need any complicated or expensive software, I’m simply using the copy of Ahead Nero 6 that came with my CD writer.

It’s a boy!

Scan of baby
Not having a photograph of the wee man out in the real world this ultrasound scan picture will have to do!

Jane and I were woken this morning by the telephone ringing, shortly after 05:40. It was my brother Edmund on his mobile phone from St John’s Hospital, Livingston to give us the great news that his wife Rebecca had given birth to a healthy boy, Owen Thomas Saunders. He was 8lbs 5oz and born at 03:18.

Owen had to be born by Caesarean Section in the end. Rebecca was nearly three weeks late, having been due around 26 December, and well, frankly, it seems that he didn’t want to come out!

We’re absolutely delighted for Eddie and Rebecca, but for Jane and I it has also been a strange week of mixed emotions as the birth date has drawn closer, reminding us of our current situation of it being apparent that we can’t have children naturally. Which is not to detract from the good news, because we are absolutely delighted for Bec and Eddie, I’m just being honest, as we wonder: will this ever happen to us? We’ll keep praying, and I would say “and keep trying” but that might be too much information for some blog readers.

We’re now looking forward to seeing the proud new father and new mother and their delightfully quiet (so far, I’m told by Eddie) Owen Thomas Saunders.