Folders trick in Windows XP

Screenshot of my music folder in thumbnails view showing images of album covers
Now my Queen album MP3s are easier to find than when they were all in yellow folders.

Here’s something cool that I didn’t know until today — and me that knows everything! hehe ;): if you place an image file in a folder in Windows XP and rename the image file folder.jpg and then view the parent folder in Thumbnails view each folder shows the image file in the middle of the large yellow folder icon. Which is great for quickly finding music folders, for example. (See screenshot above.)

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6 thoughts on “Folders trick in Windows XP”

  1. Full marks to you two. That’s the great thing about computers: something that one person uses all the time is a revelation to another.

    Since the Windows 98se days I’ve been customizing my folders with the excellent ChangeIcon application, until the coding dwarfs at Microsoft incorporated that functionality into XP. I’ve not had any need to use the folder.jpg trick.

    Until now … now that I have over 8800 MP3s in 828 album folders. It just makes finding the right album a little quicker, rather than wading through a sea of yellow folders.

  2. Where do you get the cover art images from? I remember that Windows Media Player used to automatically import them, but I have (for my sins) been using SonicStage for the past couple of years as it’s the only program that will talk to a Minidisc player. The latest version of SonicStage seems to now allow cover art, but I’m not sure where to get it from!!

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