Happy New Year!

Pink fireworks

Jane and I have just seen in the new year — including the ‘leap second’! — watching the Edinburgh fireworks on the TV.

A few seconds later and we heard them for real, as the sound drifted west over Corstorphine. And then the Corstorphine Hill fireworks kicked off too. So we ran upstairs and hung out of the Velux window on the roof and watched the fireworks all around us, and refracting in the low clouds.

Off to bed now — got church in the morning. Happy New Year everyone.

One thought on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year to you and Jane. We saw in the New Year watching the fireworks over the Thames on TV. The firework display was spectacular…and Claire Balding’s running commentary over them was something else!! Enjoying reading your news…here’s to a great 2006.

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