A good year so far …

My nephew Benjamin pretending to be a Sith Lord, from Star Wars
My nephew Benjamin pretending to be a Sith Lord, from Star Wars

This year has got off to a great start. I was up shortly after 08:00 this morning, and said Morning Prayer — start as I mean to go on, I reckon!

There were only four in the congregation this morning, plus myself and June our faithful server. With no organist and our usual MIDI organ remote-control operator away I had to juggle pressing buttons with leading the service, preaching, praying and singing.

“Our next carol is number 17, Infant Holy…”
[Pick up remote control and point it at the organ]
[Press Load]
[Press 6]
[Wait while disk drive whirrs]
[Press Start]
[Music plays]
# “Infant holy, infant lowly …”

It all went smoothly, and it was rather lovely when the four in the congregation came and stood around the altar for the Eucharistic Prayer, as we asked God to bless the bread and wine for communion. The holy family nativity set are still camped beneath the altar. I’d forgotten that I’m always taken by surprise at this time of year when I genuflect and catch a glimpse of the figures of Mary, Joseph, watching the infant Jesus lying in the straw. There may have been only six of us, but it was no less a celebration, and was a gentle and prayerful entry to 2006.

This afternoon I’ve been carrying out some minor alterations to my blog’s theme. I’ve tweaked the dynamic menus (above) and added an external link to my main website. I’ve added a graphic for the RSS feed and a new page explaining what RSS is, and how to subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog.

In the midst of all that tweaking my nephew phoned me a few times (maybe four?!) to tell me that he was emailing me a few photographs that he’d taken with his new Kodak EasyShare 300 camera, including this one of him above which he edited in Paint Shop Pro to make him look like a Sith Lord!

We’re off now to Jane’s folks for a family gathering. Which is good, because I’m hungry!

Happy New Year!

Pink fireworks

Jane and I have just seen in the new year — including the ‘leap second’! — watching the Edinburgh fireworks on the TV.

A few seconds later and we heard them for real, as the sound drifted west over Corstorphine. And then the Corstorphine Hill fireworks kicked off too. So we ran upstairs and hung out of the Velux window on the roof and watched the fireworks all around us, and refracting in the low clouds.

Off to bed now — got church in the morning. Happy New Year everyone.