View from Janus’s potting shed

Logo for www2006 conference - a thistle
The logo of the WWW2006 conference to be held in Edinburgh in May — and one of the things I’m looking forward to in 2006.

Well, that’s almost another year done (2005 for those of you not paying attention) and typically Australia get to 2006 before us. Again.

The year of our Lord two-thousand and five has been a funny year in many ways. We’ve had our share of ups and downs. We bought the house in Cellardyke in late-2004 and spent the first quarter of 2005 decorating and furnishing it, the second quarter enjoying it for ourselves, and the third and fourth quarters worrying about it as we let it out to visitors. That’s pretty much dominated our lives and bank balance this year.

Highlights of 2005 included:

  • the Make Poverty History march in July,
  • our onslaught of lovely visitors during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August,
  • and visiting Ireland for the first time in September for the wedding of my cousin Stuart.

Looking ahead to 2006:

  • Next month I move from St Salvador’s, Stenhouse and take on new responsibilities at St Ninian’s, Comelybank for a few months as they begin a period of transition in ministry.
  • I need to find a new job, and perhaps even direction. Much prayer is need for that.
  • One thing I’m really looking forward to — and hope that I can attend — is the WWW2006 Conference which is taking place here in Edinburgh! One of the main speakers is my Dad’s old friend, Sir David Brown, and of course, TBL will be there: the one and only Tim Berners-Lee, grandfather and founder of the World Wide Web.
  • I also need to get fit. No excuses this year. I need to lose stones, not just pounds.

I’m sure there’s loads more, but that’ll do for now. There’s some serious Scots comedy (Chewin’ the Fat) to watch on TV before cuddling up with my wife for the last time this year.

I’ve enjoyed sharing this year with you, lovely people of the Blogland region of the Internet. I’ll see you next year! x

ps I’m pleased to say that I managed to get my new menu bar (above) working before the year was out. I was keen to give it ‘sticky’ tab-like buttons, and the PHP script was much easier than I’d feared. I’ll share that with you all sometime. There will be much coding to be done next year, but I’ll enjoy that.

Four things …

Confused girls ... according to Stock.xchng
I searched stock.xchng for photographs entitled “Questions” … and this is the only photo it came up with. Who am I to argue?!

Questions nicked from Steve Lawson, et al.

A. Four jobs you’ve had in your life

  1. Priest
  2. Group Worker in Shaftesbury Society Homeless Hostel
  3. Stock-taker and van driver at Claridge Mills, Selkirk
  4. Temporary Postman

B. Four films you could watch again and again

  1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003)
  2. Star Wars, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (1977)
  3. The Italian Job (1969)
  4. Highlander (1986)

(Shaun of the Dead (2004) and Rear Window (1954) came close to appearing in that list.)

C. Four cities you’ve lived in

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Inverness
  3. London
  4. St Andrews

D. Four TV programmes you love to watch

  1. Man Stroke Woman
  2. Top Gear
  3. The Mighty Boosh
  4. Fr. Ted

E. Four favourite places you’ve been on holiday

  1. 1992 NYC World Tour (California, Hawai’i, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore)
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. Healdsburg, CA
  4. Moscow and Leningrad (as it was then)

F. Four websites you visit daily

  1. http://study/ — my personal webserver’s home page!
  2. Google UK
  3. BBC News
  4. Steve Lawson’s blog

G. Four of your all-time favourite restaurants

I don’t really do restaurants, but …

  1. St John’s Curry Club, Edinburgh
  2. Behind the Wall, Falkirk — for the most gorgeous desserts ever™
  3. There was a restaurant at Larkspur Landing, CA in 1992 that holds great memories, even if I can’t remember what I ate!
  4. Similarly, the National Youth Choir’s 1992 World Tour of McDonalds restaurants on three continents was pretty special! Particularly James Whalley’s 9 burger meals in Dunedin … and he has diabetes!

H. Four of your favourite foods

  1. Chicken Malayan (curry)
  2. Haggis, neaps and tatties
  3. Hawai’ian pizza (with extra mushrooms)
  4. Chocolate!

I. Four places you’d rather be right now

  1. With friends and family
  2. San Francisco
  3. With friends and family in San Francisco
  4. Making new friends

J. Four things you find yourself saying

  1. “Pretty much …”
  2. “Do you see what I did there …?”
  3. “… and in a way, that’s a bit like Jesus!”
  4. “Internet Explorer is RUBBISH — you want to try Mozilla Firefox!”