A restful day

Table of food
Aftermath of the cheese fondue this evening.

Today has felt like a gentle and satisfying day. Having finally got to sleep around 3am because of coughing, I was up just after 9am when Jane also awoke.

After a leisurely breakfast, that spanned a couple of hours, we tidied the worst bits of the house, and I carried on with the next phase of my plan to clean the kitchen cupboards (today was the cereals cupboard and the pastas and rice cupboard) before settling down to an extended game of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

I’m really getting into SWBF2 now. It’s taken a good few weeks, of off-and-on play. SWBF2 is a very different game to the original SWBF in many ways, and I’m now only beginning to appreciate this. I’m now a “Sergeant” in my personal ranking, which I’m pleased with. I’ve no idea what that means, really, but it sounds good.

I then pulled up Firefox, WeBuilder 2005 and WS_FTP Professional and began to work out how to create horizontal CSS menus that ‘remember’ which page you’re on. For example, if I have a menu with “Home, Archives, Links, and Contact” and I click the Contact page, while I’m on that page I want that CSS link button to appear in a “selected” state. I think I’ve worked it out now. I’ll give it a go on this blog site first.

This evening we headed over to Jane’s sister’s for the Neilson / Gilmour / Beautyman / Saunders / Ritchie family gathering, where we exchanged presents, ate home-made Indian food and cheese fondue.

En route Jane and I stopped off at Ikea and bought our new mattress (160 x 200 cm), which will be delivered on Friday.