WordPress 2.0 Final is released

Screenshot of WordPress 2.0 website
The new WordPress website design.

The wait is over: WordPress 2.0 has finally been released. While externally it doesn’t look as though anything has changed an awful lot has been changed behind the scenes. Asymptomatic has blogged about What’s New in WordPress 2.0, and it makes for some impressive reading.

Not content with simply tampering with the WordPress application code, they’ve also gone and redesigned the website, with a new logo and everything:

WordPress logo
The new WordPress logo.

I’m not entirely sure I like the new site design — the previous one was simple and elegant — but I’m sure it will grow on me. There are few bits still broken on the new site, a few places where the sidebar simply says “sidebar” with nothing else in it, and the sign-up for WordPress announcements deposits you at an error page. These problems, I’m sure will be ironed out soon.

One thing I would like to see, for usability sakes, is a clear indication on the downloads page which version is being offered. I know that it says at the top: “Download WordPress 2” but I missed that the first two or three times I visited the page. I was looking for something that said “Current version: 2.0”. Please, folks: don’t make me think, just spell it out for me.

Thankfully WordPress Codex, the online documentation website, appears to have been updated too to cover the new features in WP2.0. I will have some more reading to do particularly on the new Roles and Capabilities which have replaced the User Levels of WP1.2 and WP1.5.

I’ll also have to check out the Plugin Compatibility for my plugins of choice, before I upgrade fully. Much to do …

Presents by numbers

Building blocks
I didn’t have any photographs of number blocks only, so these will have to do.

This year Jane and I decided that our Christmas present to one another would be a new mattress for our bed. Our current one we’ve had since we got married in July 1999 and it’s pretty uncomfortable now. I’m sure that’s one reason I don’t go to bed earlier than I ought: I hate lying in bed with springs sticking into me, no matter which way I turn. So this week we’ll head over to Ikea and purchase a new, firm but comfortable kingsize mattress. We may have to buy a new duvet while we’re at it. And a couple of pillows, too, perhaps?

So that we didn’t give one another nothing on Christmas Day we gave ourselves a £20(-ish) limit and … proved just how compatible (or predictable) we are for one another. Early on Christmas morning we handed each other a pile of three presents each. Good start. Here’s what we gave one another:

Gareth to Jane Jane to Gareth
Chocolate: Lindt Lindor Terry’s Chocolate Orange™ Snowball
Media: The Magic Numbers by The Magic Numbers CD Tim Vine Live DVD
Book: Mary, Mary by James Paterson The Acoustic Guitar Bible by Eric Roche

Not bad! Chocolate, media and books. How well suited we are to one another.

I’m so looking forward to getting into Eric Roche‘s Acoustic Guitar Bible. Readers of Steve Lawson’s blog, and those with their fingers on the pulse of the UK guitar scene will know that sadly Eric died this year, after a long and courageous battle with cancer. I’m so pleased that before he did he wrote and published this book, passing on his skills, tips, tricks and advice. A beautiful book by a beautfully gifted guitarist from a beautiful woman.