Christmas shopping

Photograph of queue of cars at a standstill in Tesco car park
A long queue of cars at a standstill waiting to get out of the Tesco car park today.

How glad am I that I didn’t take the car down the road to do some “first-minute” Christmas shopping! (I had planned on doing it a couple of weeks ago, but got sick.)

Despite still feeling physically wobbly and weak, I felt that it would have been rude not to get Jane and my brother something for Christmas, and with a couple of cheques to pay into the RBS my mind was made up.

Hmm… But should I take the car down or not? It’s not far, about 1 mile, but I’m wobbly. I could just park nearby on a side-street at the bottom of the road. But what if everyone has thought that? In the end I wrapped up warm and headed out, having hunted unsuccessfully through the house for my winter hat. Turns out, it was in my coat pocket all along!

Here’s what I discovered:

  • The Panasonic earphones on my Sony cassette-Walkman are rubbish. With megabass activated the drums and bass sound like tarpaulins flapping in the wind. (No idea why I’ve got mismatched earphones and Walkman.)
  • Prong rock! But I knew that anyway, I just wanted to tell you that.
  • The RBS are still open on Christmas Eve-Eve – I half-expected them to close at midday. And weren’t nearly as busy I expected they would be. But then, most people are probably out spending their money, rather than paying it in.
  • Guitarguitar is a great place to get those last-minute presents for a guitar-playing brother. (There was another Mr Saunders being served in front of me!)
  • I forgot about lunch … d’oh!
  • Disappointingly, the JCB song CD single doesn’t have the video on it. But I still bought it — “I’m on a mission from God!”
  • Tesco was busy. Very busy.

Last year I was speaking with someone who works at our local Tesco who said that in the days leading up to Christmas they were taking in over £1,000,000 a day. Over one million pounds each day?! That’s incredible. But then our local Tesco is the size of a small town with a car park that any half-decent factory in Detroit would be proud of.

I’m glad I didn’t take the car in the end. The roads were congested, the car parks were worse-so. And I got a bit of exercise, to boot. Come the New Year I must find a healthier way to balance life. More exercise, less chocolate. More cycling and public transport, less taking the car. That’s the plan.

I bet it snows!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas shopping”

  1. There are two versions of the JCB single, one of which does have the music video included as well as a bonus track. Just thought you’d like to know 😀

  2. Ah … thanks for that. 🙂 I got another email from a kind gentleman who also told me about it.

    That’s what I get for buying the single at Tesco — but I wasn’t feeling well enough to brave walking another couple of miles to Virgin Megastore at the Gyle Shopping Centre. Still, hopefully, it will still count to help keep Nizlopi at number one tomorrow.

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