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Not only is it a lovely song and it has an inspiring video, but the website is cool too, you can even pick up the pencil and scribble on the jotter!

I’m so pleased that the JCB Song by Nizlopi got to number one. I first heard it back in August when James Frost blogged about it. I downloaded the video when you still could — it was a whopping 25MB — I don’t think it’s available for download now, but I think you do get it on the CD single.

It’s the kind of song that makes you want to cry. Well, it makes me want to cry … and I did. It reminds me of precious afternoons with my dad before he had his brain haemorrhages in 1983; I was eleven.

Just me and my dad. Like when we were sitting on the butcher’s window-ledge in the High Street in Selkirk, one Saturday evening, eating chips and throwing a few to the seagulls. Or the evening we spent making a ‘farting machine’ out of just an old coat hanger, a handful of elastic bands and a washer.

I’ve just gone and spoiled the mood now, haven’t I.

Still, it’s nearly Christmas — our eighth without Dad. He died on the night of Sunday 04 January 1998, and I miss him. And that lovely JCB Song reminds me of him.

So buy it! and keep it at #1 for another week. If not for me, if not for my Dad, then to keep Shame Whatshisface, the winner of Ex-Factory, off the top slot.

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3 thoughts on “Buy the JCB Song single!”

  1. I agree entirely. It’s a wonderful song, and makes me well up whenever I hear it. I did my bit yesterday, and bought a copy. That’s the first CD I’ve bought from a real shop for ages! I tend to buy my music from the iTunes Music Store these days, but I so badly want Nizlopi to be Christmas number one that I went out and bought it.

    Oh, and I recommend Nizlopi’s album: Half of These Songs Are About You. It’s very good.

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