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Now this is the kind of stuff that get’s me excited. I followed a link from Jonny Baker’s blog — I used to play bass guitar in the worship band at St James the Less, Westminster about 10 years ago with Jonny, though I doubt he remembers me; I always remember him as being the worship leader that brought copies of music for the rest of the band, and didn’t (like some) expect us to know every-worship-song-under-the-sun™ off by heart — which took me to the Resource website, where there is this amazing quotation:

“We need to stop starting with the church. Rather, we should plant the seed of the gospel in all sorts of new and emerging cultures and contexts — and make disciples of what sprouts. The fruit will be all sorts of new expressions of authentic church – that is, Jesus communities of disciple-making disciples.” Bob Hopkins, ACPI

How that quotation makes my heart sing. I would love to get involved deeply with something that engages with church and culture. I would love to do something that uses my gifts and passions for Jesus, theology, writing, computers and the internet, and music. Anyone out there with that perfect job?

As it happens, Neil Costley blogged today about postmodern church and culture.

How now brown cow

Photograph of a brown cow with long horns
A brown cow with long horns. (Photo from stock.xchng)

My favourite fact that I’ve read all day, from the pages (actually, just page 23) of the January 2006 edition of Men’s Health magazine:

1 in 10 people in the UK haven’t seen a cow for 10 months.

Which either means that not enough of us get out to the countryside as often as we should, or that there are an awful lot of British cattle missing out there.

I assume that they mean a live cow, and that a packet of Bird’s Eye beefburgers doesn’t count.

You can Send a Cow to someone this Christmas. My Mum sent me a goat!