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Two buckets of water - one clean, one dirty
Before and after: two buckets of water, one clean and one dirty.

Our carpets at Cellardyke are now clean again, with many thanks to Eden Cleaning Specialists.

I left for Cellardyke at around 07:45 this morning and drove east, into the rising sun. What a beautiful, clear morning as I drove across the Forth Bridge and across Fife. I was praying most of the way over that the chap from Eden would be ten minutes late, as I was convinced that I’d never get there in time. But as soon as the lorry in front of me pulled over at Upper Largo (near to where the real Robinson Crusoe, Alexander Selkirk, came from) to allow me to overtake I drove like a man possessed — but within the speed limit! — and arrived at the house at 09:02, exactly ten minutes before Mark from Eden Cleaning Specialists.

When I telephoned to book them I was told that the stairs, hallway, two bedrooms and living room would take around three and a half to four hours to clean, at a cost of £165. Our petite house, however, took just over 90 minutes and cost only £61.69. An utter bargain!

But look at the colour of the water (photo above) in the white bucket on the right! That’s the water that came out of the machine. The yellow bucket on the left contains clean water.

Gareth: Is that the dirt from our carpets?

Mark from Eden Cleaning Specialists: I’d like to say that it’s mostly the silt from the bottom of my machine, but I cleaned it out first thing this morning. So, yeah, sorry…

Gareth: That’s fine! I’d much rather it was in your bucket than on our carpets!

When I left the house this afternoon the carpets were still a little damp, but they’ll dry. They are wonderfully clean now, Eden did an amazing job with them. We just need to work out how to patch the burn marks now.

It feels good that we’re getting back on track with the house. It felt like our house again today, I was quite reluctant to leave.

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