The answers appeared obvious to me

On the left the Prima Official Star Wars Battlefront II Game Guide, on the right Simple Solution Cat Stain and Odor Remover.

After I took five boxes of rubbish to the recycling centre at our local Tesco, I popped next door to Pets at Home and PC World for a couple of essentials. In both places I was asked questions the answers to which appeared obvious to me.

Pets at Home

I handed over a bottle of Simple Solution Cat Stain and Odor Remover to the woman at the cash desk.

Me: This is great stuff!

Woman: “Really? What do you use it for, … cats?”

Me: [Pausing to stop myself saying something sarcastic.] “Yes. Cats.”

She’s now got me wondering, what other things can I use it for? Does she have recipes?

PC World

The only reason that I got any good at Star Wars Battlefront was because of the Prima Official Game Guide. So I reckoned that the appropriate guide for Star Wars Battlefront II might be similarly useful. So I popped next door (from Pets at Home) to PC World.

At the front of the queue I handed over the book to the woman at the till. She took it and scanned it.

Woman: Is this for home use?

Me: [Pausing to stop myself saying something sarcastic.] Yes. Home use.

How do much I wish that I could have said, “No. No, this is for the first Scottish Episcopal Church All-Clergy Star Wars Battlefront II Online Gaming Expo next month”! It could have been a taxable expense if there was such an event.

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4 thoughts on “The answers appeared obvious to me”

  1. You could run the Expo as an alternative event to the golf match at General Synod. I dare you to suggest it. Now, that would get some good press coverage- a room full of dog-collared vicars shouting, ‘Die you *%^$!’, at their computer screens. You could even market it as a stress-busting therapy for harassed pastors.

  2. Yeah, I’m not meaning to insult any shop assistants who may be reading this.

    What I didn’t say was that the Pets at Home assistant seemed pleased about my recommendation as she’d not heard before anybody’s feedback about the Pee-Cleaning-Up-Miracle-Fluid. And it truly is a wonder of science.

    I can imagine that there are times when working behind a till that you switch off from noticing what products you are scanning and asking money for; I guess it can become a bit repetitive and automatic.

    It just amused me that I was asked what appeared to be fairly obvious questions (to me!) in two stores next door to one another. And hey! it’s a blog, you’ve got to allow me some creative editing. 😉

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