Where’s the justice?!

Blind justice? (Artwork from Metallica‘s 1988 “…And Justice For All” album.)

So, it would appear that the Police are not interested in the damage to our cottage in Cellardyke, saying that we should have a contract with them and we’d need to pursue any damages through the courts, so get in touch with your lawyer!


What if we’d visited an hotel and trashed it, rock’n’roll style? Wouldn’t the police have been called? What is the difference here?

And our holiday insurance company, Croft Insurance Services, say that we’re not covered for malicious damage. I’ve just read the small-print in the insurance document which says:

We will pay for:

  • Malicious persons or vandals

We will not pay for:

  • Loss or damage caused by persons lawfully in the Home

What’s the point of that, then?! Why are we paying £40.08 each month for insurance that doesn’t cover this event? We’re between a rock and a hard place: our ‘guests’ paid £550 for two weeks (they were legitimately there) but they caused malicious, criminal damage to our property. And we’re not covered!! Had they broken in and trashed the place our insurers, seemingly, would have been happy.

I’m not happy. I don’t want these people to think that they can easily visit guest countries and run riot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fairly pro-Europe, I’m not saying that nobody should be allowed to visit the UK. I just don’t think that criminals should get away with their crimes. Something about justice here, perhaps? Call me old fashioned.

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2 thoughts on “Where’s the justice?!”

  1. Hi Gareth – long time reader/former attender of Pear Tree and first time poster. I’m feeling your pain.

    My instinct would be to complain, complain and complain again to the insurance company. Did you tell them that you needed the insurance specifically because you were renting the property out? You might be able to stretch your complaint to them selling you the wrong sort of insurance policy.

    Some people in life just aren’t very nice, are they?


  2. This whole thing stinks. Does it mean you now have to vet clients? Do you have to take out some big contract with them – and if they do a runner then how on earth are you meant to enforce it? It’ll cost you loads. Boo.

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