Weather or not …

Snow falling in Edinburgh, on Friday 25 November 2005
The scene from my study window at 09:15 this morning.

It’s snowing!

Jane is currently on the telephone to some colleagues in Elgin, Moray cancelling a meeting she is due to attend at 16:00 this afternoon.

We watched the latest BBC Weather video forecast online which spoke of sleet, snow and strong (60 mph) winds. And then it began to snow.

I’ll not be going out on my bike this morning then. Or taking the recycling to the recycling centre at our local Tesco.

One of my favourite Firefox extensions is ForecastFox which adds a customized weather forecast to the bottom of your Firefox window (below):

ForecastFox extension for Firefox

It’s simple to install, customize and use. Obviously, it prefers an always-on internet connection to update the information.

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