Don’t do emails!

This image has nothing to do with Bob Geldof or email. I just liked it.

An interesting article on the BBC News website: Bob Geldof rails against e-mails.

Live8 organiser Bob Geldof has revealed his contempt for e-mails, blaming them for tying up people’s time and stopping genuine action.
Mr Geldof told a conference in London that e-mails “give a feeling of action, which is a mistake”.

He told delegates that what workers achieve each day will be linked to the number of e-mails they ignore.

He explained that the “doing part” of a job is proportionate to the amount of e-mails you do not answer.

“E-mails get in the way of serious consideration of what you want to do,” Mr Geldof said.

Absolutely right! That’s what I say.

I can’t tell you how many half-hours get wasted as I trawl through my Inbox trying to decide which emails to reply to immediately, which to flag for later, and which to delete. Even yesterday (my day off) I quickly scanned through my “Newsletters” folder in Outlook and simply pressed and held down the delete key on my keyboard.

What annoys me too is people who don’t think their emails through before they send them. The number of emails I get with no subject, or no contact details (signature), or they’ve missed out some vital piece of information. Because email is such a fast medium we often get caught up in the fast pace, instead of slowing down and making sure what we’ve written is what we want to say. The number of emails that I get that I take the wrong way, which wouldn’t happen if the writer had taken a little longer in composing. Or that has an attachment missing (I do that occasionally).

Here are 8 email mistakes that make you look bad on the Microsoft website.

My most productive and satisfying days are often spend away from my email. Mind you, the only days I’m away from my email I’m on holiday!

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