Spam Art

Cartoon of 3 girls with ice creams
These girls are so hot they crave more than one at a time!

Email spam is a nightmare! It clogs up email servers and wastes bandwidth. And yet, day after day, our inboxes get filled with the stuff.

Rather than getting angry Sam K over at Quirky decided to get creative:

I get hundreds of spam e-mails per day. Rather than let them all go to waste, I figured why not put some of them — the ones with the really goofy subject lines — to good use? Ok, well, maybe not “good” use. Anyway, what follows are hastily-drawn and hopefully amusing interpretations of obscure and sometimes not-so-innocent subject lines of random spam e-mails.

Note that the subject of each spam e-mail I used appears as it was originally presented — mispellings, confusing punctuation and capitalization are all preserved. So any mistakes in the subject lines are intentional and not my fault.

View Sam K’s “Spam Art”. Some of it is hilarious.

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