I had a white bucket under my car yesterday

White bucket
White buckets similar to the one that got lodged beneath our car yesterday. Only yesterday there were more cars, and less water.

As mentioned on Fr Pip’s comment, yesterday en route back to Edinburgh from Pitlochry I hit a white plastic bin which was partying in the fast lane of the M90.

There was a central reservation to my right, another car to my right, and up ahead a white plastic bin, the kind that workmen use for filler, or paint, or water, or other things that workmen use that isn’t filler, paint or water.

I hit the bucket at around 70 mph.

It got stuck under the car. “Shhhhhhhhh” we heard it say, from underneath the car chassis. But it’s hard to keep quiet with a bucket stuck under your car, no matter what colour it is (the bucket or the car).

So I carefully slowed down and pulled over onto the hard shoulder where the Revd John Conway dislodged the now smashed bucket from beneath the engine. I tossed it over the barrier onto an area of waste ground.

There appeared to be no damage done to the front of or beneath the car, or to any of the occupants in the car (two other priests besides John and myself), so I carefully pulled away from the hard shoulder and resumed our journey back to Edinburgh.

As I did so, Fr Pip asked if there were any kittens in the bucket. There weren’t.

The journey continued again without incident, and we enjoyed viewing the hill near the turn off to Dollar that looks like a dead bishop on its back (with mitre and crossed hands and everthing™!).