Shorts story

Gareth\'s legs (self-portrait)
Gareth’s legs (self-portrait). Shorts by Cherokee. T-shirt by Hard Rock Café, San Francisco. Shoes by Vans. Legs by Mum and Dad.

It’s 12 November and I’m still in my shorts. For two reasons:

  1. I don’t really feel the cold, terribly much (a fine balance of hirsuteness and fat!)
  2. Shorts are so much more comfortable than long trousers

If you think about it, the Scots invented shorts. Well, alright, technically it was the kilt that they invented, but I reckon that the original brief given to the tailor was for shorts.

But he was a lazy tailor, who not only failed to cut the cloth into leg shapes and stitch them together, but because he was so cold he just wrapped another seven and a half yards of tweed around his unsuspecting customer’s waist. It was like The Emperor’s New Clothes, but in a colder climate.

That’s what I think, anyway!