Visiting Selkirk and Hawick

This morning I drove down to my home town of Selkirk and delivered my sister’s upgraded PC and her new HP printer, a PSC 1410. (It’s such an old PC that we first had to install a Belkin USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 3-Port PCI Card and a little more memory.) Jenni was delighted. As was her son Benjamin, who was fighting a sore throat.

On my way into Selkirk, I passed a woman with two children and a buggy. I noticed that jammed into the top of the buggy was a huge branch, obviously salvaged by one of the children and being taken home as treasure. Wasn’t life great when that was the sort of thing that got you excited! When the proof of a good walk in the wind and rain was coming home with a new stick and a pocketful of odd-looking stones. We over-complicate life sometimes with our shoulds and musts.

Mum took me for lunch in Hawick, at a café called Sarah’s Coffee Shop. It’s in the basement of an old church, at the Sandbed area of the town, and was one of the properties hit by the recent floods in Hawick. It had the feel of a small, local coffee shop, but about six times as big. But the service was brilliant, and so quick. It was like having tea at your grannie’s but everyone was invited!

After lunch we wandered over to the Pringle of Scotland mill shop. Mum wanted to buy me a jumper for my birthday (tomorrow). I wanted a dark, charcoal grey v-neck jumper, but Pringles only had them in the following sizes: small. Same for black.

Hawick Cashmere, at the other end of Hawick, had one jumper that was big enough (XL or XXL), the right colour, but was a) too thin, and b) £150!!

We found a nice jumper in the Next catalogue, back at Jenni’s, for £26.99. Now, that’s more my kind of jumper.

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