Video: laughing tv host

TV host loses his composure

Clearing out my inbox this morning I came across this video clip from the last B3ta newsletter. Here’s what B3ta said about the clip:

TV host gets giggles
Can this really be real? A foreign Kilroy gets the uncontrollable giggles while interviewing guests with a tragic tale to tell – because they have funny voices. We can’t tell quite what’s going on because we don’t speak the lingo, but the chap has a very infectious laugh. [Windows Media, 3.78 MB]

I’ve been crying with laughter for quite literally a few minutes. The great thing is that while the host is killing himself laughing none of the rest of the audience seem to think that anything is funny. Genius!


Screenshot of 123-reg domain expire page
About to delete the past. Scheduling 123-reg to cancel a domain name from renewal.

As of today the domain name is no more. I’ve scheduled it for cancellation, as Jane and I have been using our own domain names for a few years now: and

It feels quite sad, as though I’ve deleted something of our past. We got the domain name with our first ISP Freenetname, back in 1999, shortly after we got married. If this were a cheap film I’d probably show you a cheesy montage of our buying our first PC together (AMD K6/2 500MHz), setting up the email account, networking it with a 486 running Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and running a Proxy Server so that … actually, come to think of it, that was all just me! Ok, the montage would still show all of that, but it would also be cut with scenes of Jane looking bored, or sitting on her own in the living room watching Dawson’s Creek.

When we got broadband we moved the domain name to the excellent 123-reg, who have looked after it very ably. And now it’s gone: vanished into cyberspace.

If you’re still using an email address for us that ends then please update your address book. You’ll find all our contact details on our Contact page.