Graphic adventure

Sapphire Radeon X700 graphics card
Both my previous and my forthcoming graphics card, the Sapphire Radeon X700 256 MB

I was hoping to be sitting at my own PC now, £70 richer and singing the praises of PC World‘s price comparison policy. But I’m not.

I’m currently sitting at the guest bedroom PC, having just ordered a replacement (and cheaper) graphics card from the excellent and having saved £50.

While I was pricing soundcards in PC World yesterday I was speaking with one of their assistants about having bought the Radeon X700 card in store for £149.99 and having seen it online on their website for £77.47. An enormous difference.

He then explained what I should do to get a refund of the difference. I misunderstood his instructions. While I understood that he was talking about a straight price comparison he was simply talking about the “Collect @ Store” option on their website, of which the Sapphire Radeon X700 256 MB isn’t.

So instead of a price comparison refund, I got a full refund and have just ordered the same card online. I’ll have to wait a couple of days before I can even use my PC now, but I’m saving £50 which has to be a good thing.

I was amazed that PC World wouldn’t do a straight price match. I’ve just gone elsewhere and they’ve just lost themselves business! I’m not impressed.

I just hope that Dabs can deliver the card tomorrow morning — now that would be impressive! (Especially since I’ve paid for Saturday delivery!)

Wedding puzzle

Jane and Gareth at Lady\'s Tower, Elie, Fife
Jane and Gareth at Lady’s Tower, Elie in Fife. (Composite photograph.)

Jane’s cousin, Douglas Gilmour, is getting married to Rachel Dowsett in Shropshire tomorrow (05 November). Jane is currently getting ready to go; sadly, I’m staying home as we have an important meeting at St Salvador’s on Sunday morning.

Each guest has been sent a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and invited to attach a photograph and message to it, and bring the puzzle piece to the wedding reception. I suspect that it symbolically represents that we’re all pieces of their lives.

We’ve just got round to adding a photo (above) to our piece, which is actually a composite of two photographs taken last month at Lady’s Tower, Elie in Fife. Even though I’ll not be there in person I’ll be reaching out to them in prayer. (See, they’re not the only people who can do symbolic! hehe)

On the reverse there’s a label for a personalized message. Ours reads:

Remember, remember …
marriage is for life,
not just November!

lots of love,
Jane x + Gareth x

I’m sorry I’ll not be there. Hope you have a great time, Douglas and Rachel, and a wonderful new life in Chile. (Read about their news on the Gilmours’ website.)