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Tomorrow is my day off. What better way to enjoy my 24 hours of freedom than to reinstall Microsoft Windows XP Professional on my PC?!

Despite having been working with Windows since about 1995 I’m still not entirely sure what order to install updates, drivers and software. So before I plunge into it this time, I’ve been looking around for some good online guides to installing and tweaking Windows XP, ATi-based graphics cards and Creative SoundBlaster soundcards.

I’ve found the following very useful resources:


The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the bit in your PC that makes helps it start up. It knows how much memory you have, what drives you have installed, and a whole lot more. Getting this right is essential.

  • The BIOS Companion (PDF, 3.52 MB)
  • BIOS Optimization Guide

Installing and Tweaking Windows XP

ATi Catalyst Tweak Guide

  • Another Tweak Guides special, the ATi Catalyst Tweak Guide covers the installation (or upgrading) of the ATi device drivers as well as tweaking them for optimum performance.
  • Those users who want a bit more adventure in their lives can install the Omega Drivers which are a ready-tweaked version of the ATi Catalyst drivers.
  • (Of course, Tweak Guides also provide an NVidia Forceware Tweak Guide too.)

Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2

I’ve got some reading to do now. So, if you’ll excuse me…

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