Google Video

Two Chinese boys

My friend James pointed this one out to me. Not only does Google now have Google Video in beta, but it’s also packed with some gems.

Take this video, for example, of two Chinese young men miming along to the Back Street Boys’ song “I want it that way”.

I love the guy on the computer behind who seems oblivious to their pop video antics. I mean, I don’t actually love him, you understand. I’ve no idea who he is. I love Jane!

(Note: you may need broadband to view this video.)

5 thoughts on “Google Video”

  1. What a wild party… ‘Everyone, come and crowd around the computer… But no food or drinks’. What ever happened to people talking, sharing and singing?

  2. It sure did!

    I was sent this at work and it had me in chuckles. I had to keep the volume really low (well I do work in a library) but even so I suspect my colleagues now think I am a backstreet boys fan.

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